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How do NASA's astronauts survive cosmic radiation?

High levels of cosmic radiation constituted a considered risk for the astronauts involved in NASA’s Apollo missions. The space agency was particularly concerned about the space flight through the Van Allen radiation belts, two spots of seething radiation that surround Earth.

Mind & Body

Why do we fear speaking in public?

A notable section of the population is afraid of public speaking. This is because your brain’s frontal lobe – which controls complex mental processes and is necessary to speak fluently and meaningfully – is extremely sensitive to feelings of anxiety.

Mind & Body

Can you forget your own face?

Most of us can recall thousands of faces; the ability comes so naturally that we take it for granted. Not so for 2% of the population, including the famous British neurologist Oliver Sacks. He suffers from a condition called ‘face blindness’, also known as prosopagnosia.


How much is our data worth?

Cyber criminals are the perfect identity thieves. They infect computers in order to spy on the owner’s personal data. Using the stolen information they can then generate new identities: effectively a twin of the user – one with the same name and the same National Insurance number.


Which colour is most relaxing?

Green – at least for the panther chameleon. The reptile is known for its amazing ability to change colour; it can transform its skin in seconds. The change is mostly used as camouflage or to impress the opposite sex.

World Events

Could cockroaches really survive a nuclear apocalypse?

The notion that cockroaches would be the last survivors on the planet following a nuclear apocalypse is a myth, albeit a pervasive one.


Who was Henrietta Lacks?

Henrietta Lacks was born in Roanoke, Virginia on 1 August 1920. Mother to five children and married to her first cousin David Lacks (pictured), she worked as a tobacco farmer in rural Maryland.


Can you do business in internet viruses?

The virus trade is a growing market that even reputable companies are getting involved in, thereby bringing it to the fringes of legality.


How high is crime on the internet?

Damage caused by viruses, theft and sex offences: these are the main components of internet crime. Every year, some 430 million adults around the world fall victim to internet gangsters. That’s more than one million internet crimes per day.


Are there glaciers in Africa?

You’d be correct in saying that Africa isn’t really known for snow and ice. But several tropical glaciers do exist on the continent. In the image below you can see a slice of glacier ice on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – Africa’s highest mountain.