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Does a hot drink cool you down?

According to neuroscientist Peter McNaughton from Cambridge University, sipping a piping cup of tea raises your core body temperature. On an already hot day this makes you sweat, lowering your body temperature and cooling you down in the process.


How much does a cloud weigh?

This weighty issue is dependent on a cloud’s size and density. Clouds mainly consist of tiny water droplets ranging in size from a tiny one-hundredth of a millimetre to hailstones several centimetres wide.

World Events

Can rogue waves form on lakes?

Strange though it may sound, even those out fishing on large lakes are not absolutely safe from fatal monster waves. These tunnels of water can also form on large freshwater lakes when the surface area is large and the wind above the lake is strong enough.


How fast does a snail travel?

Snails aren’t sprinters, that much is common knowledge. But at up to three metres per hour, some of them achieve some pretty respectable speeds. Starfish barely manage a fifth of that.


Which animal has the best stamina?

It’s got to be the wandering albatross, right? Wrong. Compared to that powerful creature, the animal with the greatest endurance is physically tiny. But no other animal on the planet travels as great a distance between its winter and summer habitats than the Arctic tern.


When does a wave break?

A wave will start to break when it reaches a water depth of 1.3 times the wave height. In practice: a one-metre high wave rolling towards the beach will break as soon as the distance between the water’s surface and the sea bed is less than 1.3 metres.


How much does a monster wave weigh?

Every time they’re swallowed by a monster wave, big-wave surfers put their lives on the line. That’s because every cubic metre of seawater weighs just over a tonne. The greater the wave’s height, the more it weighs. Let’s assume that someone is riding a wave ten metres high and 20 metres wide.


Can ships protect themselves from monster waves?

Not entirely. Monster waves often form so suddenly that there’s no time for a vessel to change course. For now, using radar to monitor the state of the sea offers the best protection. “It scans the surrounding area up to a distance of three miles.


Do any creatures have more than two eyes?

All vertebrate animals have two eyes, but this was not always the case. Our primitive, fish-like predecessors evolved with a third eye that was directly connected to the brain and was called the pineal eye.


Why do onions make your eyes water?

Like the majority of plants in the Allium species (garlic included), onions absorb sulphur from the surrounding soil as they grow. When chopped, cells within the onion are ripped apart, releasing certain enzymes. These enzymes then react with the sulphur and amino acid sulfoxides are created.