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Are jellyfish the key to immortality?

Lobsters have traditionally been linked to immortality, but in recent years jellyfish have been the hot topic among scientists. In the 1990s, marine-biologist Christian Sommer discovered that the Turritopsis species was able to reverse its aging process.


Where was history's most crowded city?

Concerns about high populations and congestion issues abound, but are we really living in the most densely populated cities the world has ever seen? To put it simply, no. At its height and before its imperial expansion, the city of Rome is said to have been home to almost a million inhabitants.


Why do insects never lose their footing?

Insects possess an endogenous adhesive that they can use to help them walk along flat surfaces vertically. The soles of their feet secrete the glue,


What causes a treacle tsunami?

Treacle tart may be a staple of British school dinners, but its main ingredient was responsible for one of the strangest tragedies in American history. In 1919, a tidal wave of the sticky liquid thundered through Boston, Massachusetts, at 36mph, flinging aside buildings like matchsticks.


How did smog change London forever?

Britain’s capital had long been famous for its ‘peasoupers’ – thick green fog caused by air pollution – but the Great Smog was different.


Which planet has the longest day?

The idea of a day to night cycle lasting for anything other than 24 hours is strange. However, this is exactly what occurs on other planets in our solar system.


How do you conquer an army on your own?

Aphids and greenfly are at the top of the ladybird menu. Unfortunately, they are protected by an army of ants, which use the tiny insects as a food source.


How big is the biggest insect on Earth?

Phryganistria chinensis, a stick insect, is the longest out of the 807,625 known insects in the world. Discovered in China in 2014, it measures more than 60cm, proudly beating the previous record holder, a stick insect from the Phobaeticus chani species of Malaysia, by almost six centimetres.

World Events

How do you clean up a giant oil spill?

It was one of the worst industrial disasters in history: in 2010, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank, releasing 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico (pictured) and causing widespread damage to the area’s wildlife.


Where is the hottest place on the planet?

The Kerman province in central south-eastern Iran is home to the country’s brutally arid Dasht-e Lut desert. Its translated name – ‘Desert of Emptiness’ – is an apt moniker: not a lot lives or grows here thanks to the punishing heat.