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Mind & Body

Do teenagers need more sleep?

Studies have pinpointed nine and a quarter hours as the magic number teenagers need, in contrast to the comparatively measly seven to eight hours required by card-carrying grown-ups.


Have you seen these green birds flying over Britain?

Seen a bright green bird flying over your garden? They are almost certainly ring-necked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) – originally native to Asia – that have established a resident breeding population in south-east England.


Why are saiga antelopes dying en masse?

On the vast steppes of Central Asia, something bizarre and heartbreaking occurred in the space of two weeks last May. A mass ‘die-off’ struck saiga antelopes, a species native to the continent, and more than 60,000 animals died in just four days.

Mind & Body

Can a cold take my nerves hostage?

It begins with seemingly harmless flu symptoms. But the enterovirus D68 then becomes a ‘nerve killer’ – in the truest sense of the word. Synapses that are normally responsible for the transduction of nerve cells are destroyed.


How do huskies navigate?

Without huskies the expeditions to the North and South Poles more than a century ago would not have been possible. These breeds of dog are not just miracles of endurance capable of covering up to 125 miles per day, they also have a superb sense of direction.

Mind & Body

Do anaesthetics confer the same benefits as sleep?

Head into hospital for an operation and your doctors will probably tell you that they’re going to “put you to sleep” for the surgery, medical slang for administering a general anaesthetic.


Could lampreys attack a human?

Lampreys certainly look like they could do a good deal of damage, but if they were to attack humans it would likely be due to a case of mistaken


Does the colour of your plate affect how much you eat?

Could the colour of the plate we eat from affect how much of the meal we consume? Sounds like gobbledy-gook but, in fact, this notion is based on a series of studies that found when a food's colour contrasts with the plate on which it is served, fewer calories are consumed.

Mind & Body

Can my brain freeze my face?

It begins with jaw pain, then the side of the face starts to tingle – until it’s completely numb. The various causes of sudden facial paralysis include:


How long did a whaling trip last?

The length of a voyage was really dependent on the size of the vessel undertaking it – the bigger the boat, the further it could travel. The whaling schooner – the smallest type of whaler – would generally put to sea for no more than six months.