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How did the Milky Way get its name?

Wondering how the Milky Way got its name? Well, the ancient Romans knew our galaxy as the Via Lactea, which literally translates as 'The Milk Road'. They called it such because of its appearance as a milky patch of sky above Earth at night.


Can water explode?

When the lava hits the water, it hisses and roars like a startled predator. Thick plumes of smoke are pushed against the smooth black cliff face by the wind. It looks like the water is on fire. Pedro Oliva, who is battling the surf in a kayak, feels the embers hit his face.

Mind & Body

Who was the tallest human?

At 8ft 11in Robert Wadlow holds the record for the tallest human ever to have lived. His height was due to hyperplasia of his pituitary gland, which resulted in an abnormally high level of human growth hormone.

Mind & Body

How strong is my punch?

A professional martial artist could actually go head to head with a polar bear, the biggest predatory land mammal on Earth. This extraordinary scenario was discovered by biomedical engineers at Wayne State University, after Olympic boxers fought against a dummy.

Mind & Body

How intelligent can I become?

“Our brainpower is subject to psychological limits. It is limited by the speed at which information bits – in the form of electrically charged particles – can get from A to B,” says Simon Laughlin, neurobiologist at Cambridge University.

World Events

Where is the sky most crowded?

What looks like a tangled network of laser beams is actually an illustration of the flight paths on a single day over Europe – the most crowded airspace in the world.

Mind & Body

How much weight can a human lift?

Hossein Rezazadeh, the world’s strongest weightlifter, can lift 263kg. Sport doctors believe this to be the limit – but Todd Schroeder thinks otherwise.

Mind & Body

How fast can a human run?

We seem to be near the limit already. While sprinter Usain Bolt has travelled a 100-metre stretch in just 9.58 seconds, biologist Mark Denny predicts that in the future a human could bring that down to a maximum 9.48 seconds. That’s equivalent to 23.4mph.

Mind & Body

How heavy can a human be?

“Humans are able to tolerate a force of 5 g before they lose consciousness,” explains Gregg Kai Nishi, surgeon at the Khalili Center for Bariatric Care in Los Angeles. “Transferred to a body, which must counteract the force of gravity, that’s equivalent to a body weight of 53st 7lb.

Mind & Body

How much can I remember?

Our brain is like a super-calculator: it consists of around a billion cells which each build around 1,000 connections to other cells. This dense network possesses a storage capability of 2.5 million gigabytes – in theory we could remember everything.