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How do full-body security scanners work?

Designed to be an upgrade to the ‘pat down’ searches carried out at airports, most scanners today use millimetre wave imaging technology.

Mind & Body

Can viruses fight cancer?

Cancer researcher Guy Ungerechts has succeeded for the first time in reprogramming the measles virus from a vaccine strain so that it attacks cancer cells. The virus recognises receptors that are particularly common among cancer cells.

Mind & Body

Does vitamin C prevent colds?

Taking vitamin C as a preventative measure doesn’t protect against colds – but it does lessen some of the symptoms if you already have the sniffles. Comparative studies carried out on physically fit sportsmen show that taking the vitamin daily has a small protective effect.


Does water boil more quickly if you add salt?

There are two opposing effects at play here: on the one hand a pinch of salt raises the boiling temperature of the water by between one and two degrees. That means it needs more energy and time to boil. On the other hand, salt also increases its capacity for warmth retention.


Does glass shatter at high pitches?

Windowpanes, washing machines or bridges – all of these objects will vibrate if disturbed by an external stimulus. This is known as natural resonant frequency. Every piece of material has one, and for glass it lies between 200 and 2,000 vibrations per second.


Can anything protect a plane from a bomb?

Scientists, including a team from the University of Sheffield, have found a new way to protect passengers by protecting the plane itself. The ‘FlyBag’ is a bombproof membrane designed to line the plane’s hold.

World Events

Which virus claimed the most lives?

The 20th and 21st century saw some of the most deadly virus pandemics. The Spanish flu was particularly devastating. From 1918 it killed more than 25 million people – some experts believe the figure may even be closer to 50 million.

World Events

Is a doorway safe during an earthquake?

Often the only parts of a building left standing after an earthquake are the entrance walls. But appearances can be deceiving, a doorway is not more stable than the rest of the house and an injury could be sustained from a swinging door. Crouching under a sturdy table is recommended.


Do cows really sit down when it's about to rain?

How can you accurately predict if it’s going to rain? By visiting a farm. If all the cows are lying down, a rainstorm is on its way – or so the old wives’ tale goes. Experts say this is nonsense.

Mind & Body

Should I drink two litres of water every day?

This advice is completely outdated. It was first handed down by the US Dietary Association in 1945, but it relates not to the amount we should drink, but the amount of fluids we need overall. Food also contains liquids that can help to replace the 2-2.5 litres of water a human loses every day.