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Mind & Body

How long can a human withstand total silence?

45 minutes. Or at least that’s the record for the amount of time endured in the world’s quietest room. An acoustics test facility in the US state of Minnesota is home to an anechoic chamber (meaning “echo-free”) that is officially the quietest place on Earth.


Will commercial planes ever become fully automated?

The tragic crash of Germanwings flight 4U9525 in the Alps has raised manifold questions for the aviation industry, not least whether human pilots are really required on board passenger flights.

Mind & Body

Does birth order affect personality?

Some researchers believe birth order is as significant as genetics in determining an individual’s personality. Others believe the link has been grossly exaggerated. After all, birth order is not as clear cut as it seems, being intrinsically linked to family size and spacing between children.


How are animals reacting to climate change?

New observation by scientists at the University of Alaska revealed something astonishing: the red fox is conquering the territory of the Arctic fox – it has been sighted for the first time in the northernmost part of Alaska (photo).


How fast is the internet growing?

Measured in volume of data, the internet will have quadrupled in size between 2014 and 2016. Every year 1.3 zettabytes of data are transported between computer networks worldwide – that’s a number with 20 zeros. By 2020 this number will have grown to 40 zettabytes.

Mind & Body

What happens when a person loses their voice?

The most common reason that causes a person to lose their voice is acute laryngitis. This is usually brought on by a viral infection, causing inflammation in the vocal folds. This changes the vibrations in the voice box, resulting in a hoarse, raspy or – in extreme cases – entirely absent voice.

Mind & Body

How does alcohol affect people's memories?

Researchers from Sussex University recently studied the reasons why alcohol in large quantities influences the brain’s ability to form memories.


Is global warming causing more storms?

No, there won’t be more storms – but the storms themselves will be stronger. “The recent measured data indicates that cyclones, hurricanes and the like will become more powerful in the future,” says Frederic Laliberte, atmospheric physicist at the University of Toronto.


What happens in one minute on the web?

About 60 seconds will pass as you read this page.


Where did the @ sign come from?

The ‘at’ sign, the roly-poly, or the snail – around the world the @ sign is known by numerous different names. Historians now know that the @ sign was a unit of weight among tradesmen on the Mediterranean in the 16th century – an @ was equivalent to about ten kilograms.