Which animal has the best stamina?

It’s got to be the wandering albatross, right? Wrong. Compared to that powerful creature, the animal with the greatest endurance is physically tiny. But no other animal on the planet travels as great a distance between its winter and summer habitats than the Arctic tern. This migratory bird, which measures just 38 centimetres in length, is such a sun worshipper that it’s constantly searching for a home with ample daylight. It breeds in the regions around the North Pole but, come autumn, the tiny bird circumnavigates the globe to spend its winters at the South Pole – travelling a staggering 43,500 miles and covering up to 300 miles per day. The route depends on the tailwinds that provide the most lift and where fish are most plentiful. The distance a single Arctic tern flies in its lifetime is the equivalent of an astronaut travelling to the moon and back three times.


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