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Have you seen these green birds flying over Britain?

Seen a bright green bird flying over your garden? They are almost certainly ring-necked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) – originally native to Asia – that have established a resident breeding population in south-east England.


Why are there so many spiders in my house in the autumn?

In Britain spiders can be found all year round, but the majority of species reach maturity in the autumn. This is why more of the eight-legged critters are out and about from September onwards. It's the falling temperatures that drive the spiders indoors, as they're seeking warmth.


Who owns Cromwell's skull?

Oliver Cromwell ruled England as a military dictator for less than five years before he died of a bladder infection on 3rd September 1658, at the height of his power.


Were there ever sharks in the UK?

Yes! And not where you might expect… Recently, archaeologists from the University of Manchester made a shocking discovery – a 310 million year old shark egg case, (or mermaid’s purse), found in a long-abandoned mining tip in Doncaster, Yorkshire!


Which jellyfish are native to Britain?

Over 200 species of jellyfish have been found worldwide, but only six of these are regularly sighted in British waters. Aurelia aurita – also known as the moon or common jellyfish – is the species most often seen around the British Isles.