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Can fish make their own suncream?

Even in the depths of the ocean, fish can be exposed to sunlight. A recent study found that certain types of fish can create their own endogenous sunlight protection compounds to shield them from sunlight in the water. Sea urchin and some birds also display this incredible skill.


Do fish get thirsty?

Only saltwater fish must actively drink – otherwise they’d die of dehydration in the middle of the ocean. At 39 grams per litre, the salt content of the seawater is far higher than the fish’s 9 grams of salt per litre of blood.


How do fish see people?

So, you’re a Napoleon wrasse, swimming around a reef in a leisurely manner… when suddenly, you spot a scuba diver paddling towards you with a net. The panicked ocean-dweller tries to escape, without losing sight of its pursuer. But what do fish actually see?


Could a fish survive brain surgery?

George, a 10-year-old goldfish from Australia, made headlines this week after surviving a ‘high-risk’ brain tumor removal operation. George’s owner decided to go through with the £125 operation when her vet gave her the choice between agreeing to the procedure or having the fish put to sleep.


How do fish escape their own school?

During the mating season, thousands of Carangidae fish gather together to form a school. When a couple forms, they must break away from the pack to spawn. How do they do so, when all the fish within the school want to stick close by each other?